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Explore the WELLYHAUS Collection

My very creative and resourceful sister, Kate Higgins, is the founder of Wellyhaus located in Winnetka, IL north of Chicago.  Kate discovered the need for the perfect vase for the hand-tied bouquet.   


She started getting lots of lovely photos and Instagram tags from people showing off her bouquets in their homes. They looked absolutely beautiful, but she noticed that they could look EVEN MORE beautiful if they were in the right vase. So--she was determined to design the perfect vase and have them custom-made. Thanks to Melissa Monroe Pottery in Mokena, Illinois, her idea came to fruition, and now everyone in town has the perfect vase and Wellyhaus has a full line of vases and ceramics which are purposefully designed for floral and tabletop.


We are excited to offer The Companion vase locally in Cincinnati, the perfect size vase for the Westwind hand-tied bouquet. 

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