Westwind Flower Farm was started by Amy Phipps Baxter in the summer of 2020.  Located in Montgomery, Ohio, Westwind Flower Farm was created to bring fresh cut flowers to the neighborhood and to bring a lifelong dream of Amy's to fruition.  She loves the mechanics and challenge of growing flowers and sharing them in the community.  Regenerative and organic techniques are used to improve the soil and give back to the land resulting in chemical-free, pollinator-friendly blooms.  The small-scale farm produces specialty cut flowers for weekly subscriptions, market bouquets and DIY grower's buckets.  Offerings will continue to expand, but some of the current plantings include the following:

Spring:  tulips, anemones, ranunculus, lily-of-the-valley, hellebores, peonies 

Summer/Fall:  dahlias, snapdragons, cosmos, sweet william, scabiosa, zinnias,  sunflowers 

Flowers are available at the following locations:

Westwind Flower Farm 

7717 Westwind Land

Cincinnati OH 45242

Prearranged pick-up hours only

The Montgomery Farmer's Market

Montgomery Elementary School

9609 Montgomery Rd.

Cincinnati OH 45242

Saturdays 9:00am - 12:30pm