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for groups, organizations and schools

From school groups to neighborhood, church, and professional groups, exploring our microflower farm has something to offer for everyone. Take a walk with us through the production spaces of the flower farm and learn about the farm's story, history, and the importance of knowing the source of your flowers! 


We are happy to customize the tour based on your group's interests. Tour topics can include:

❁ General information about flower farming

❁ Sustainable gardening

❁ Growing dahlias

These are walking tours, and while most of the ground is even, proper footwear is important. To learn more about what you can expect when visiting the farm, check out our FAQ page! 


Private tours are $10 per person with a 10-person minimum.

To book a private tour, contact us at


We offer a special rate for school groups and community youth organizations of

$5 per person with a 10-person minimum.


If you're looking for additional activities for your visit to the flower farm, we offer a variety of add-on experiences that can accompany your group tour. 

  • Classic Flower Arrangement Making - $55.00 per person 

  • Deluxe Flower Arrangement Making - $68.00 per person 

  • Deluxe Flower Arrangement Making with Wellyhaus vase - $143.00 per person

  • Dried Wreath Making (September - November) - $55.00 per person 

  • Dried Shadow Box Making (September - November) - $55.00 per person

  • Market Bouquet Making - $35.00 per person

  • Kids Bouquet Making - $15.00 per person (children's groups only) 

  • Kids Flower Craft (options vary) - $15.00 per person (children's groups only)

To book a private group tour, contact us at

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