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Valley Porcupine

When you touch this dahlia you will know why they named it porcupine! Firm feeling, like a ball dahlia, but with pointed tips. In a category of it's own. Good cut flower.I have not seen another Variety with the unique petal structure like Valley Porcupine. Stunning blush pink & cream blooms with a flush of soft yellow on some blooms and other blooms have a darker cranberry at the center and on the tips of the petals. Pedals are cupped and look like a porcupine quill, hence the name:) This variety is a must have in the garden and is an extremely productive bloomer. This one will always have a space in my garden.

Valley Porcupine

Sales Tax Included
  • Form:

    Novelty Fully Double

  • Color:


  • Size:

    Miniature (M) Up to 4In

  • Height:

    up to 4ft

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